Why I left the financial market to open a sex shop

I went to the sex shop for the first time as soon as I turned 18. I remember he seemed to be doing something wrong, he was terrified of parking the car at the door and passing some acquaintance on the street, but a lot has changed since then. My name is Flávia Patocs , I’m 25 years old, and at that time I could not imagine that I would be an entrepreneur. Much less own a sex shop.

Because at the end of high school, when nobody has any idea what to do in college, I decided to take a degree in Industrial Engineering at FEI, in São Paulo, along with a friend. I passed. After a year of course I saw that those calculations were not for me. That’s when I left college and moved to Dublin, Ireland to think, study more, and decide: what I really wanted to do was administer. I graduated from FAAP and worked for four years in the financial market, advising on investments. I really like it, but do you know when we want to run our own business? So!

During the course, in the subject of Entrepreneurship, a little tip turned in my head. As usual in a student’s life, she left some work for the last hour. Who ever, right? In one of these, me and two other friends (who took different professional paths) had to create a company and make a business plan. The day before the presentation we had nothing, not even the idea. We got together and started talking about everything except work. Until it came to the subject of boyfriends, sex and sex shop.

We entered some sites and realized that all had in common a presentation not inconspicuous and the lack of immediate delivery of the products . That’s when we thought of the idea: Niix, a sex shop e-commerce that is an intermediation platform, that is, we do not sell our products, we only intermediate the stores with the final consumer.

On the day of the presentation, we were afraid. Almost all the groups had done very elaborate work. With each presentation, we watched each other praying that ours would stay for the next week, but there was no way. We went to the front of the room, we began to present and on the third slide the teacher asked us to stop. He beat that desperation. “You who had this idea? Where did that come from? “He asked. There was a minute of silence. And he continued: “I’ve never seen anything so bright! You have to move on. “

Yes, believe me. We were even called in by the college’s Entrepreneurship Center to get on with the project. Who said that a conversation between friends does not work, right? At the time, we left the idea aside, but after two years the project came up with everything. One day, Rodolfo Kihara, a former Faap student and a member of the Entrepreneurship Center, came to me and asked if I was willing to take Niix out of the paper. As he worked in the financial market, with stability and guaranteed work, he hit a cold beat in the belly of throwing everything up .

I talked to my friends and family and almost everyone supported me a lot in moving forward. My mother, sister, and grandmother are the greatest supporters of all this. They found the idea a lot! My father had a hard time understanding how the platform would work and was a little suspicious, but then he accepted. I got in touch with Rodolfo and we became partners. We decided to launch the platform in January 2019.

We conducted an extensive market research and saw that people are embarrassed to buy on the websites for not being discreet, and are afraid of how the delivery will be performed. Not to mention that a lot of people avoid visiting a physical store, especially women, because unfortunately we still live in a macho society, right? That’s why we created our platform in a discrete format. We even joked that anyone can open close to the boss at work, which will go unnoticed.A lot of people avoid visiting sex shop, especially women, because unfortunately we still live in a macho society, right? “Author

Another point we thought was immediate delivery, in up to 1 hour. This means that if you are on a date and the weather is warm, give yourself time to receive the order. In addition to offering products, we also focus on various content for our clients, such as partnerships with sexologists, blogger focused on the LGBT audience giving product tips, professionals pompoarismo and self-knowledge of women. 

I thought it was important to discuss it. I have friends who had trouble getting pleasure in sex because they did not know each other and were afraid to tell their partner. This generation is much more open to experimenting and getting to know themselves sexually. If the first time I went to the sex shop I only bet on the basic kit – with gels, explosive balls and penis ring – today I usually play more.

I can not test everything I see, because there are more than 800 products per store, but I ask for feedback from my friends and I also have my favorites. My tip for all women is to have a bullet in the drawer and, of course, want to meet. The erotic market reinvents itself every day, it’s amazing to see the technology used in the products. For me, the biggest hit will be the vibrators with a more realistic skin feel that are controlled from a distance.

Many people ask me if I do not regret leaving the financial market and the answer is: I’m still at the beginning, but no. Most of the management tips I adopted at Niix came from great entrepreneurs who inspire me a lot, such as Luiza Helena Trajano, Tallis Gomes, Flávio Augusto and Caito Mai. I hope one day to be an entrepreneur reference for many people as they were and still are for me. The hardest part was making the decision to get the project off the paper . Going through this, the problems still appear, but are more pleasurable and challenging to solve.